7 reasons why I believe Manny Pacquiao should retire

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Over the last 10 years, I have been watching the rise and fall of one of the greatest boxing champions in history.  Over the last 4 years, I became a fanatic of the game, admittedly for no other reason than watching the phenomenon that was Manny and the drama of the unlikely champion.  As a fan, I think it’s time for him to retire. Here are 7 reasons why…..

1.  He’s got nothing to prove to anyone.

Those who love him, already love him. Those who hate him, will always hate him. His defeat of larger, stronger fighters who are legends in their own right, Diaz, Hatton, DelaHoya, Margarito, Cotto, Mosley  (including being robbed against Timothy Bradley whom he dominated) and the way that he outclassed these fighters cemented his place in boxing History.  On most occasions against Juan Miguel Marquez, he performed well but well under his expected domination.  The reason, JMMs fighting style and counterpunching as well as the iron  chin was a match for his own strengths of speed and aggressiveness.  On their last fight, his first loss against JMM, Marquez added the dimensions of size, strength and speed due to superior training and focus.  Although pacquiao’s training was relentless, and he matched Marquez throughout the match, that one big knockout punch was a new weapon in JMMs arsenal pacquiao wasn’t ready for.  Props to Marquez and sorry Manny, anyone can get knocked out.  I will go out on a limb to say that If anyone else in the same weight division fought Marquez that night, the result would have been the same, Mayweather included.  Whether or not he will beat Mayweather or Marquez (again), his name is already set in boxings hall of fame and his legacy is assured.  He’s got nothing to prove and everything to lose if he continues.

2. His last 2 losses shows that he’s not being looked after.

I feel that Bob Arum hasn’t been looking after Pacquiao.  In his loss to Bradley, it seems that Arum had the most to gain from Manny’s shock loss, having just signed Bradley, a younger, stronger and fast fighter.  Manny I felt has lost a lot of interest with Arum who needs to look to shore up the future with a new moneymaker, especially as Manny looks to retire in the next few years.  And so a contrived win for Bradley would raise his stakes as a player.

Putting pacquiao against JMM again, was a lose lose for Manny as a win would be close again and change nothing, and the loss, as we have seen changes everything.  If instead he fought Timothy Bradley, and won (again), and most people would have loved to see that justice was done, Pacquiao could have retired on that high and gained the moral ascendancy. However, that would have been a loss for Arum’s future plans.  Arum’s not watching out for his interests, he will sell Pacquiao out for his own interest.

3. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by continuing to fight.

Brandon Rios is someone who is not worthy to fight him on paper, in style and substance.  However if Rios, who is younger and hungrier, somehow trains like JMM, gets fast, strong and develops a knockout punch, there’s no telling what can happen with a lucky punch.   There’s no glory in fighting a fighter not in your calibre, so if Pacquiao wins, it will be a loss too. Lose/Lose situation again.  Why oh why Arum and Roach? Which leads to the next point..

4. He is fighting for pride now.

The drama they are creating around this fight comes from Rios making fun of Roach’s Parkinson’s disease during the lead up to the Margarito fight.  They are saying Pacquiao will shut Rios up.  But really, as much as we might think we would like to see that. That is the most shallow reason to take this fight.  It’s like they’re running out of ideas, looking for a seemingly easy win to get Pacquiao back in the fight when he should be looking to retire.So he’s fighting for Freddie’s pride.. hmm and his own,  or as it is billed in the media to prove he’s still got the punch after his loss to Marquez.  More pride.  Not a good reason.  Pride comes before a fall.

5. Floyd will never lace up against him.

After Paquiao fought and beat Hatton, Floyd Mayweather  Junior admitted that fighting pacquiao is a lose/lose scenario for him.  And since then, he’s had many different and changing excuses.  Mayweather is an awesome fighter and is odds on to beat manny but cannot afford to risk a loss to Pacquiao as he would lose his legacy.  Enough said.

6. Freddie Roach is looking tired and uninspired.

In the last few fights, Freddie has been looking tired and uninspired.  He has been fighting with trainers  including Ariza and on more than one occasion has seemed overconfident saying strength and conditioning was a farce.  It seems like he’s lost his hunger to train and win.

7. His country, his wife, and his family needs him to hang up the gloves.

I could only imagine Jinkee’s reaction as she watched her husband laid out on the canvas.  He has provided for them well, but his lifestyle has meant that he has had to be absent for long periods of time.  He should enjoy his time with his family now and be there for his kids as they grow up.  As an elected congressman, he’s also had to spend time away from work.  Being in office as a lawmaker, the country deserves him to be the best he can be and give his full attention to his constituency.  I think that his legacy in fighting is secure.  He has a chance of damaging his service, his family and his health should he continue.  The worst case is another knockout, serious injury or death.  Even if he should win, go on and fight and beat Marquez again or Mayweather, it would make no difference in my eyes. It’s not worth the risks for his family. I haven’t yet thought of a worthy reason for him to fight.  He has nothing to prove and they have everything to lose.



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