The trap of Judging

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Our conscience allows us to determine right and wrong, and so we can discern.  It is within us to be able to speak the truth of this in ways that will build up, with trust that each person is inherently good, and humility in knowing our own imperfection and sinfulness.  This is not to say that there is no right and wrong in matters and situations, and that all things are relative.  However, I reflect today about the times that I have judged “the person”, and what a waste of time that is.  It’s an easy trap to fall into and can happen many times a day.  In the end, it is myself I end up limiting, my understanding, my growth and my virtue.

Lord God, walk with me today and give me the right perspectives, the right heart with which to see others, the right actions, and so to speak truth with love and humility and that your will be done. In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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The pursuit of happiness.

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What does it mean when people ask “How can I be happy?”  Something to ponder….
The caveat before you proceed reading this blog is that these are my own opinions and written down thoughts…. I may be right or wrong, if there is a right or wrong in this, but this is how I have reflected on the question.  So as always, please take with a grain of salt.

This kind of question I believe can arise at different times in one’s life.  I imagine myself asking this question in my younger and slightly leaner years, at times as a result of intense thinking and navel contemplation, perhaps also after heartbreak and disillusionment.

Let me explain what it means to me.  Firstly, I believe that being happy is not an end in itself, but firstly a temporary feeling of elation.  And so, the meaning of life is not simply to be happy…. because being happy is a feeling, or a temporary state. It’s good to be happy, but one cannot be in a constant state of happiness.  To be human is to feel all different emotions.

Looking at my child and how she manages her emotions, I notice how happy she can be simply just because….  It helps that she is secure in the love and care of their parents, and that she has at least her most basic needs met.  She is also simply happy because she is a generally happy baby.  And then there are times when the she can be unsettled, uncomfortable, or simply irritable, because of pain, discomfort, hunger, a full nappy, anxiety and so forth.  When these discomforts are remediated, she’s happy again.

Some people simply say, being happy is a decision.  There are many truths in this too especially in the sense that there are always things to be grateful for. One can see the glass as half full, rather than half empty. However, this is not the case when someone is going through a severe or clinical depression or a period of mourning. In this case there is no choice in the matter, for a time at least.  There is help and comfort available for people going through these things.  What is important however is the knowledge that they will be comforted. Being a person who can show empathy, understanding, and an open ear can help turn this situation around for someone going through something like this.

Some people look for lasting happiness in others, achievements, success, wealth, conquest,  hobbies, video games, pets, possessions, property, power, food, sensual gratification, approval, skills, knowledge, art, music, drugs, you name it.  Whatever it is, these things can give people a temporary feeling of elation or happiness, but getting more and more of these will never guarantee a lasting happiness.

The Difference between happiness and Joy:


I believe you can find a joy that lasts no matter what you go through, but I make a distinction here between true Joy and happiness.  As I understand it, joy can exist even in times of desolation and is not taken away in times of grief.  It comes from knowing God, and is a by product of faith, hope and love. See links below for some further ideas on this difference.

Arunangelo – http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=640728

So the Bible teaches that happiness is fleeting because it often depends on things outside of ourselves, but true joy is eternal because it is based on our relationship with Jesus Christ, which is itself an everlasting source of joy.

Read more:http://www.gotquestions.org/joy-happiness.html#ixzz2bLD8DPHT

So instead of simply seeking happiness which is fleeting, let us set our sights on something greater, true joy that lasts.

1. don’t expect to have to be happy all the time.
2. are thankful for what you do have..
3. look instead to find true joy.
4. share your joy with others.

Lastly, my friend, thank you for taking the time to read. I pray for you, that you may have true Joy and lots of moments of happiness too.

Lord we pray that we may all find true Joy, meaning and purpose in our lives, and that we all continue to grow each day. In the name of the father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen









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The Going To Bed Book

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..And when the moon is on the rise,

they all go up to exercise.

And down once more but not so fast,

they’re on their way to bed at last.

– The Going To Bed Book – Sandra Boynton


I think many parents around the world would relate with me as to why this is the first book that I would review.  Because, as with many parents I have heard from, this book has become instrumental in getting our little one to sleep, so much so that we can recite the book line per line, even when half asleep.   My daughter now falls asleep after 2 repetitions.


I loved it’s clever rhymes as well as the illustrations of the animals as they readied themselves to sleep.  This book I feel is a must for all new parents, and will be a treasured gift for years to come.


Good friends are blessings

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Our family had a good friend over tonight, for no other reason than just to catch up.  Being an introvert, I sometimes wonder what we mean when we say, “Let’s catch up?”, not to the point of anxiety, but curious at times as to how things will go, since life has been so busy and much time has passed since we last spent time together.



Friends give us the courage to lift the blinds on our hearts, to open up and show what we generally hide from the rest of the world.

Taken from an online poster on friendship


In a few short hours, I felt that friendships were reaffirmed, and bonds were further strengthened as we shared stories and experiences, and with trust, let down our walls to reveal our true selves and yet feel safe that we were accepted just as we are, regardless of our differences.  We spoke and laughed well into the night, as there was always one more thing to say.  And when it was time to go, I felt that our tummies were full, as were our hearts.  I feel blessed that we have true friends.  I really believe that God put’s the right people in our lives, at the right time, because he wants to show us that we are not alone in the world and when we come together, we are whole.


Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

C.S Lewis


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Things Of Importance

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The reason for this blog is simple. I believe that each person has a life, and a story that adds to the fabric of creation.  And that each can create a positive change in the world, starting with where we are, our homes, our communities, our churches, our country.

And in this generation where there’s so much bad news/movies/advertising/stories/content out there, I want to talk about the other side, good things and things of importance.  And while, yes, these also are a part of life, I know that we can choose what kind of “informaton” dominates our thinking and therefore how we see ourselves in the world.

Being a husband and a father, I want to share with my wife and child a hope beyond the pessimism and cynicism that is so prevalent in the world today. There is enough of that already.  I hope this blog will reflect what is good in people, and contain stories, articles and updates of faith, hope, love and life.

So here we go…

Thank you for sharing this journey.  I hope in time, you can also share your stories of life, love, family and faith.

Men always talk about the most important things to perfect strangers. In the perfect stranger we perceive man himself; the image of a God is not disguised by resemblances to an uncle or doubts of wisdom of a mustache.
Gilbert K. Chesterton


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